Hi CCL Families,

Welcome to Christ Church Lucketts Sunday school program or welcome back to some of you!  We are so happy you are joining us for Sunday school this year.  It is a difficult time for all of us.  We will do our best while apart to feel that we are taking all of this on together.

Sunday school will be different this year, for the obvious reason that we won’t be together but also in organization.  Typically, we alternate between Godly Play lessons and Episcopal Lessons.  I would choose which to present on a given week.  Godly Play is a Montessori approach to learning religious lessons.  Episcopal Lessons are provided by the Episcopal church via their website, and they essentially mirror what is discussed in church that week.

This year I will provide the link to Episcopal Lessons, Godly Play videos, and “mini lessons” in an effort for parents to find a choice that works best for them at home.  Let me describe more about each of those for you:

Episcopal Lessons that work are provided by the Episcopal Church and you can follow their calendar and see the curriculum.  For each Sunday you choose between two lessons (Old Testament or Gospel) and then each lesson provides a choice between younger children (kindergarten and below) and older children.  I do feel that is a lot of choices from Episcopal Lessons that work, which can be great or possibly too much to read through and decide upon, depending on your perspective. 

Parents are already reading through several school emails this year and dealing with a lot of change.  Due to the above mentioned concerns, I will provide some “mini lessons” and activities as well that are short and user friendly.  These are not designed by the Episcopal Church, but we can reproduce them because they were bought by our church for our use. 

You will also be supplied an email link to Godly Play lessons.  These lessons have been and will continue to be recorded.  Please keep in mind these lessons have been a bit condensed to be easily emailed.  Usually, I am on the ground with the kids and we discuss a lot.  Quite often we discuss how the stories relate to us, look for common themes, or point out the underlying message of most of them which is to have faith.  Certainly Faith is something we all need now.

Again, hopefully this three prong approach gives parents resources so they can plan Sunday school in a way that works for them.  A bit of a summary follows.  Episcopal Lessons that work is a bit more involved because choices are given, however this also follows a calendar and curriculum.  Each of these is a full lesson with scripture and prayer.  The Godly Play videos are hopefully memorable for all ages due to the Montessori approach.  Finally, I will provide links to mini lessons.  These lessons again, are not from the Episcopal Church but from various resources.  These are short, often craft-based lessons.

Let’s start this and see how it goes.  Please email me with questions or concerns.  My hope is that we can set up a zoom call for kids who want to participate every four to six weeks.  Again, I welcome your feedback.  Also, I look forward to presenting our Christmas Nativity Play from last year in a modified approach and via video this holiday season.

In closing, I would like to thank Kurt and Betty for their encouragement.  I would like to thank Natalie for her help with our Sunday school program in the past two years and for all of her technical support.  I thank my oldest son for filming the Godly Play videos.  Finally, a very special thank you to Marykirk for teaching me how to teach Godly Play and for donating all of the Godly Play resources.  It takes a village.

This is the link to this upcoming Sunday’s lesson from Episcopal Lessons that work, the page pulls up and you scroll down to Proper 21 which will be listed in the column to the far left.

Thank you and please keep in touch,
Mo Thomas