Our congregation worships in an historic board and batten structure in a pastoral setting just ten minutes north of Leesburg, Virginia, near the beautiful Potomac River. Our church is small and we appreciate the special gift that our size brings to persons who seek out a feeling of belonging, of not being lost in a crowd. We offer a feeling of extended family. At Christ Church everyone is part of the in crowd.
At Christ Church we say, “We don’t care who you love, as long as you love; we don’t care who you voted for, as long as you love; we don’t care where you are in your spiritual journey – if you love, you will be home here.” Some of our members are lifelong Episcopalians. Others come from different religious backgrounds and were drawn by the location of the church and the quality of fellowship that is offered. We like to say ‘welcome home’ to anyone who comes through our doors. We believe the unwavering hope, unlimited welcome and unconditional love of Jesus should be part of who we are, everything we do and everything we offer.

With an active Sunday School, planned youth programs and adult formation programs, a good music program our small parish provides everything needed for spiritual development for individuals, families and communities

Our Future

We are currently a mission church of the Diocese of Virginia and are in a period of transition without a full-time priest. Rather we are served by a Lay Leaders appointed by the diocese to provide for the spiritual needs of the parish. Our goal is to strengthen our numbers so that within one or two years we will once again be able to call a priest. We have already added several new members in the last year and we know this growth will continue.

Under our current leadership, we continue as a vibrant, strong parish with no financial worries, no deferred maintenance on our buildings and a full array of programs for kids and adults.

Why not check us out?

We worship Sunday morning at 9:30 am and we encourage you to come as you are, bring your coffee with you and settle in for what are usually one-hour worship services designed to offer inspiration, good music and a powerful message each week.

We also meet for Morning Prayer every Wednesday at 10:00 am.