Announcements for December 31, 2020


Happy New Year to all! May 2021 be filled with abundant blessings.  We need to keep our eyes on what we have and not dwell on what is missing.  The reading from Jeremiah this week reveals the joy that Jeremiah felt to finally be in a place of contentment after years of being surrounded by the Babylonian exiles with all their grumblings. For many years the exiles had lived aimlessly leading immoral lives separated from God. Jeremiah had this advice for them: Build houses (you’re not camping here, this is your home.) Plant gardens (follow the seasons and become productive.) Make yourself at home wherever you are (pray that God’s will is being worked out.) Live as fully as possible. His motto? “Don’t just survive – thrive.” Good words for us to follow, don’t you think?


I find that, as I am preparing a message, that I get so much more out of the Lessons when I hear them read on Sunday mornings because I am familiar with what is being read. From now on I will post the readings for the coming Sunday in the Thursday announcements so you can spend some time with them if you like. For January 3 the Old Testament Lesson is Jeremiah 31:7-14; the Psalm is 84; the New Testament Lesson is Ephesians 1: 3-6, 15-19a; and the Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12. There are two alternate Gospel lessons, Matthew 2:13-15 and Luke 2:41-52.

Matthew 2 tells the stories of the wise men. The Luke passage relates a story about Jesus when he was 12 years old. I thought we needed to read the story of the wise men finding Jesus as a baby this week and not have him age 12 years in one week!


Joining Betty this week to lead worship is Pam, Nancy W and Susan. Thanks to Pattie for arranging the schedule of Lectors and Intercessors.


Our bi-lingual Beth has been busy this week conversing with a lady who lives in the trailer park just down the road from us. She was in need of diapers, Similac, blankets and clothes for her young children. We certainly saw the benefits of modern communication when the Ladies of Lucketts posted on their Facebook page that there was a need. Beth, Susan and Pattie were at the church house Monday to receive all the items that were brought to us thanks to the Facebook message. Richard shopped at Costco and Target for certain items Monday evening. Beth, Nancy W and Betty sorted the items Tuesday and packed boxes which Beth delivered to the family.