For two weeks we have been exploring the present moment way of Jesus.  I have been trying to describe what I consider some of Jesus’ most important teaching summarized when he said “the kingdom of God is within you.”  In week one we reviewed the Lord’s Prayer line by line, offering the idea that each line of that prayer is a prayer in itself and each line is presented for us in the present moment; the here and now.

‘Hallowed IS your name…”

‘Your kingdom ‘come’ meaning- it is here already within us

‘Give us our daily bread’–the bread we need today (which is more than food)

‘Forgive us our sins’–now, today, this moment

‘As we forgive those that sin against us,’ –now, today at this moment

‘Be with us in times of trial,’ –  now and forever…

This prayer isn’t about the future so much as it is about how we are invited to be co-creators with God today.

Then this past Sunday my message suggested that when Jesus told the man not to build new barns for his crops because he was to be called to God that day he meant we shouldn’t be worrying what’s already happened or what may happen in the future, but rather we should live the Jesus Way today, and in that way we will succeed in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to our present circumstances.

Next week, August 11th, I will wrap up the series reflecting on Jesus’ teaching that ‘where your treasure lies there is your heart.’  This famous quote, often used to simply provide guidance on priorities, can also help us be more intentional about determining what our priorities are.  In other words, priorities shouldn’t just happen:  we should make them happen. They shouldn’t just show up;  we should think about them and adjust them to comply with the Jesus Way.

It also let’s us look at the kinds of things that are possessions beyond money and things.  Things like attitudes, opinions, regrets, and judgement are also treasurers if we are intentional about identifying them as such.  Sunday we’ll look at these ‘treasurers’ with an eye toward responding to the Jesus Call to be careful they don’t attach to our heart.

The Jesus Way, as we have said over and over, isn’t that difficult to either identify or respond to.  He is so authentic and honest and direct:  love God, love one another, love self…our treasure helps us consider just how close we are living to the Jesus Way.