The Bishop is Coming, the Bishop is Coming!  May 22nd will see Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson coming to Christ Church to celebrate with us.  If you are interested in confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church please let Kurt know asap.  We will have at least one mandatory morning session before May for instruction and confirmation information. For those who did not participate in the Adult Forum sessions on the Episcopal Handbook, there will be additional sessions required.  Dates to be announced.  This is for adults and young people interested in the right of confirmation/reception.
Reminder we return to hybrid services this Sunday. Come to church (we’ll celebrate the Eucharist with Rev. Tom Prinz)  or worship with us on Zoom:         Password:  273453
Because of the covid spikes there is a good chance we will not be doing a service project on Sunday January 30th.  Decision soon. We will have Morning Prayer that Sunday, celebration of Betty’s ministry as Lay Leader and Vestry elections.
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