I found this document entitled “A Brief History of Christ Church, Lucketts” and thought you would enjoy seeing it:

Christ Church, Lucketts, started on September 17, 1773, in Shelburne Parish, Goresville, the present day Lucketts.  The vestry of Christ Church, the governing body of an Episcopal parish, obtained land from Joshua Gore along the Great Road (Route 15) in the community of Goresville.  The original congregation met in a dwelling on this land until 1869 when the trustees of Goresville Church “did for the sum of $69 purchase that tract consisting of one acre.”  On that acre the present church was built of white board and batten construction and the frame rectory was added to the site a few years later.

The church building was in continuous use for approximately 88 years from 1869 to 1956 when its last rector, Howard Cady, retired.  For the next 24 years the building was cared for by its trustees, John Whitmore, Matthew Kohlhoss, and Bobby Flynn.  During this period the rectory was rented and the rent was applied to maintenance and care of the church and rectory.  However, the church suffered from lack of use.  The building took on a pronounced list to the south, much of the plaster cracked, the chimneys leaked and the floor and pews suffered from infestation by termites and wood worms.

In 1979, some Lucketts residents, including two second-generation Christ Church families, began the task of restoring the church.  Funds for the restoration came from several sources:

  • Friends and neighbors gave quite generously
  • Annual Strawberry Festivals were held on the grounds of the church
  • In 1980 and 1985 Christ Church was the beneficiary of the Leesburg August Court Days

Approximately $35,000 was donated to the restoration fund but the church was still not ready for use.  There was no well, no septic system, and no heating system.  During the restoration of the building old wood-burning stoves were removed for safety.

The stain glass windows were restored with funds donated by former family members of the church. Installation of electrical service was donated by a local family and volunteers painted the church.  But before the inside could be painted something had to be done to preserve the stenciled decoration that appears on the top of the wall.  If you look in the upper left corner of the balcony you will see a section of wall that was not painted. This section was left so the stencil could be traced from the original design and replicated as you see it today.

About half of the pews had to be restored.  A local Boy Scout troop spent an entire summer working on the pews and replacing them in the church.  The original process that was used on the pews was replicated in the restoration.  The pews were painted, stained, and then “combed” to look like oak.  Volunteers spent more hours restoring the pews than on any other activity of the church restoration.  Vo-tech student painted the church exterior. The shutters were also scraped and painted by volunteers.  The needlepoint cushions at the Altar Rail were created and donated by volunteers.  The pump organ was restored and a new electronic organ was donated.

The central brass hanging lamps are the original kerosene lamps which were restored and electrified.  A restroom was added when the septic system and well were completed.

This week we celebrate the third Sunday in Advent, often called “The Rose Sunday’ when we light the pink candle in the Advent Wreath to shine along with the two purple candles which have been lit on previous Sundays.  Dave will lead and give the message this week plus we will be treated to a Christmas pageant presented by our Sunday School young people at the end of the service.  Pam will lead us in song; Nancy W will lector and Susan L will be the intercessor.  The readings are:  Zephaniah 3:14-20; Canticle 9 (BCP p 86); Philippians 4:4-7; and Luke 3:7-18.

Kurt led a most interesting Adult Forum last Sunday in Church House using The Episcopal Handbook as his topic for discussion.  He will do a second Adult Forum this Sunday focusing on the Catechism.  It can be found in the BCP on pages 845-862 and in The Episcopal Handbook starting on page 224.    Everyone is invited to participate in this.

This week’s “oops” found in church newsletters are:

“The church will host an evening of fine-dining, superb entertainment and gracious hostility.”

“Potluck Supper, Sunday at 5 pm – Prayer and Mediation to follow”

“Low Self-Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 pm.  Please use the back door.”


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