What an exciting time for the church!  We are taking a look at ourselves to check out who we are and what we want our future to look like.  Please make every effort to be at church Sunday to worship, to celebrate communion with Rev Prinz, to fellowship, to be introduced to a visiting priest who will be with us Nov. 7, and to share your thoughts on our future at the parish meeting.

After some confusion (caused by guess who and the answer would be Betty) Sunday School will begin this Sunday for our young people under the direction of Mo Thomas.  Thank you, Mo, for your leadership in this important ministry.   I am reminded of the phrase, “The church is only a generation away from extinction” if we allow our children to be neglected.

Welcome to Christina Parker.  She visited us last Sunday and has asked that we request a transfer of membership from Christ Church in Bronxville, NY.  It’s not going to be hard for her to remember the name of her new church since it’s the same as her former one.  Her one-year-old daughter, Hannah, will be baptized Nov 7 which is All Saints Day.

Stewardship season is just around the corner.  Watch for a letter to arrive in your mailbox with a card which will provide an opportunity for you to commit your time, talent and treasure to the church to help keep the church alive and well in 2022.  One of the outstanding characteristics of CCL is the willingness of all our members and friends to serve the Lord in all three of these areas.  Be praying and thinking about how you will complete that card, please.  Your pledge will be dedicated Nov 21 just prior to Thanksgiving Day.  A season of thanks for our blessings…

Thank you, Janet and Paul, for gifting the church with pew cushions which will be here soon.  They will add both comfort and beauty to our church.   What a vision the church will be at Christmas with the greens hung and the red cushions.  I can’t wait to see it!

Do we have a volunteer who would help Dave on Sunday mornings with our sound system and camera for Zoom?  My phone is not ringing off the hook with volunteers so far but I’m sure there is someone in our midst who will agree to help with this.  Please help us.




Rev Prinz will celebrate the Holy Eucharist this Sunday.  Beth is our lector and Katrina will lead us in prayer.  The readings are:  Psalm 103:1-9, 25, 37b on page 735, BCP;  Job 38:1-7;  and the gospel reading is Mark 10:35-45.

Beth will have a report Sunday from the Missions Committee with an invitation for all to participate in a holiday activity the committee has planned.

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