The wheels of progress are turning as we move forward in the life of Christ Church, Lucketts.

The first meeting of the “Discernment abut Discernment Committee” met to begin the process of answering the question “Where Do We Go from Here?”  Do we continue with our “traditional” pattern of 1st and 3rd Sundays with clergy and 2nd and 4th lay led?  Do we begin the search for a part-time priest?  The Episcopal Office of Transition Ministry has created a template called a Community Ministry Portfolio which our Discernment Committee will complete.  This portfolio can be posted on-line so that any clergy in search of a church can have access to the information.  It will be interesting to go through this process just to get a good look at who we are now and where we want to go in the future.  Kurt is working with Susan Lee to head up this committee which has Susan Pullin, Janet Lyman, Paul Muench, Daniel Dennison, Alex Butler, Anna Aschermann, Nancy Sutton, Lisa Treichel, Nancy Wiseman and Betty Hutchison as members.   There will be a discussion following worship Oct. 17 when the options we need to consider will be presented to the parish.  Please plan to stay for this important meeting.

Blessings to Kurt who introduced me to a priest made known to him by Father Daniel at St. Gabriels.  Kurt and I met her today and we have invited her to be with us as our Supply Clergy the first Sunday in November.

Blessings also to Lisa Treichel who must have felt like a ping-pong ball last week when I kept changing the Sunday that she would deliver the message.  She will be with us this Sunday (her original date).  Assisting her will be the Wiseman duo:  Nancy as lector and Brett as intercessor.

And while we are at it, blessings go to Dave for his help in getting the sound system and the broader vision on Zoom set up for us last Sunday.  All this technical “stuff” requires a person with technical ability.  I have proved to everyone that I am technically challenged!  We are looking for a volunteer to help oversee setting up the sound system, Zoom, and the camera for the times Dave is not able to be at church.  Please don’t hesitate to step up and volunteer!

At the suggestion of the Audit Committee (Lisa, Brett, Paul, and Bryce) the vestry purchased laptop computers for Paul (our treasurer) and Betty (our receipts treasurer) to use solely for their church financial responsibilities.  Should the need arise for either Paul or Betty to have to give up their jobs, the laptops with all information re the church’s finances could be easily transferred to the person designated to take on the task.  A second recommendation by the committee was that Paul and Betty have backups in place.  Lisa T will back up Paul and Brett will back up Betty.  Thank you, Vestry and Audit Committee.

It was a treat to see Jane and Al Sowards sitting in the pew last Sunday.  Let’s hope they will return many more times in the future from their new home in Cary, NC.

The readings for October 10 are: Psalm 22:1-15 (BCP p. 610); Job 23:1-9, 16-17; Hebrews 4:12-16; Mark 10:17-31.

Don’t forget to pack up your pet and bring him/her to church October 24 where they will receive a blessing and a prayer as a part of our worship together.  Remember, Blessing of the Animals, October 24.

Book Club is Thursday, Oct 14 in Church House.  We will discuss the book Masque of Honor while we share a potluck meal.  (What really happens is we mention the book and spend the majority of the time eating and “fellowshipping” so come even if you haven’t read the book for an evening of fun.)

Just a reminder that Pam is performing this weekend in Rockville.  Check out the email from Pattie that she sent last Sunday with the details of the performance.

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