Hang on, folks…our service for the Blessing of the Animals will take place October 24 this year.  Why?  Because I forgot that the first Sunday in October is St Francis of Assissi Day when we usually celebrate by bringing our pets to church for a blessing.   At first the solution to my lapse was Kurt (scheduled to lead Oct 24th) volunteered to switch Sundays with Lisa (scheduled to give the message on the 10th) and we would do the blessing Oct 10.  Lisa agreed.  Later Kurt was reminded by Anna that he is having surgery Oct 8 and would not be on his feet by Oct 10 to lead worship.  Lisa agreed to take the 10th back and Kurt will do the blessing on the 24th.  Whew!  All that because I forgot.  Sorry!  In addition to the usual pet dog or cat that you might bring, we have had mice and chickens, ferrets, a lizard and rabbits share our worship time with us.  Remember the date:  October 24.  We’ll see if Daniel brings one of his farm animals.

I often share tidbits that I read, especially items that come from one of our bishops.  Bishop Susan is celebrating one year of being cancer free and free from her last chemo and radiation treatments.  She shared one of the “Psalms from the Wilderness” that she wrote during and after her treatment in an email this week that I would like to pass on to you.

Psalm for Embracing Disruption

The podcaster said Keith Jared only agreed to play the concert to prove that disaster happens when he doesn’t get his perfectionist way.

I’d never heard of Keith Jared.  I didn’t know about the famous Koln Concert.  I wasn’t listening to jazz in 1975.  But I know a little bit about perfectionism and the crazy, passive aggressive acts it compels us to perform.

The recording of that concert, the podcaster said, a concert played on a beat up, broken down, rehearsal piano with pedals that didn’t work…the recording of that concert became the best-selling album in jazz history and remains the best-selling solo piano album of all time.

Disruption released genius.  Disturbance set creativity free.  Disfunction made space for something astonishing.

God, set me free

                                on this journey of recovery from cancer

                                on this journey through the wilderness of pandemic   

God, set me free

                              from perfectionism

                             from trying to control the uncontrollable

                             from stiving for genius

                             from seeking the astonishing

                            even from focusing on what I can learn from this.

Help me just to let it unfold and to meet you as it does.


We welcome Gary Mears as our guest this week.  He will deliver the message for us basing it on the following scripture readings:  Psalm 26; Job 1:1, 2:1-10; Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12; and Mark 10:2-16.  Daniel is our lector and Jane J is our intercessor.  Pam will lead our music and I will be the leader.

Continuing with the list of “one anothers” that I began several weeks ago, here are five more to think about this week:  Pray for one another.  Be kind to one another.  Teach one another.  Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another.  Live in harmony with one another.

Walk in love as you go through your week.    “Love is space and time made perceptible to the heart.”







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