The Adult Forum which Kurt had announced would take place during September following the Sunday worship services will be rescheduled so that anyone interested in joining the church at the November regional bishop’s visit will be able to do so.  The class is not restricted to potential members.  It is open to anyone who is interested in attending.  It will most likely take place in October.

Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson sent two prayers from the diocese asking that we join with her in praying for all people affected by Hurricane Ida, for all who are in harm’s way in Afghanistan and for peace in that area of the world.  I would add that we need to pray for the people In California and Nevada whose lives have been devastated by the fires.  Contributions for any of these causes may be made by writing a check to Christ Church and marking in the memo line that it is for Episcopal Relief and Development.  I will use the prayers from Bishop Jennifer in the worship service this Sunday.

I will be leading worship this Sunday and the message is entitled “Jesus, His Disciples, A Woman and You.”  It’s funny (as in odd, not hilarious) that I gave a message on this same subject last year based on Matthew 15.  I promise I am not recycling the message that I gave last year.  I’m speaking from a different perspective using the passage from Mark 7.  Nancy W is the lector and Susan is the intercessor.

The readings for September 5 are:  Psalm 125; Proverbs 22:1-2,8-9,22-23; and James 2:1-17.  The gospel reading is Mark 7:24-37.

I found out this week at a Bible study that there are 59 “one anothers” in the New Testament.  People in the early church were encouraged to care for one another.  Paul wrote in his letters to the early church telling how we are to treat one another.  I will share 5 of his suggestions here with more to come in the weeks ahead:  Love one another; be at peace with…; wash the feet of…; be devoted to…; honor…  Good suggestions for all of us!

Stay safe!  I hope to see you in church Sunday but if you are unable to be with us in person know that we are all joined in spirit.  God bless.




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