A big thank you to Richard Weaver for the presentation he gave us on some of the church’s history last Sunday.  If you missed being with us last week, he has gathered the information from his presentation (and much more) in a book that is available for purchase from him.  Damara and Jane have donated one of the books to the church and it is on the back table if you would like to check it out.

Kurt will be the leader and message giver this Sunday, August 8.  Katrina is our Lector and Jane Jacobs is our Intercessor.  Again, this week, we will all be masked and there will not be any singing.  We will have an opening and a closing hymn which I will play one verse and invite you to read the words as I play.  Remember that the hymns are specifically selected to go along with the readings of the day and the message so we don’t want to ignore them even though we are not singing them.

The Mission/Outreach Committee is in the process of determining where our outreach funds will go this year.  Before we make our recommendation for vestry approval we would like church members to have the opportunity to suggest places that you feel would benefit from a donation.  Members of the committee are Beth (chair), Nancy S and Nancy W, Pattie and Betty.  You can offer your suggestion to any of the members or to Susan.  All suggestions will be appreciated.

Richard’s awakening us to so much memorabilia has quickened the hearts of our two Nancys to freshen the room across from the kitchen in Church House.  It will become a Meditation /Reading Room with several comfortable chairs, a rug, and whatever else the ladies decide is needed and can be used for small gatherings. The ladies will look for ways to display more of our history as they do their refurbishing..

Readings:  Psalm 130 (BCP p. 784); 2 Samuel 18:5-9, 15, 31-33; Ephesians 4:25-5:2; and the Gospel is John 6:35, 41-51

We will celebrate Holy Eucharist two Sundays in August, the 15th with Rev. Tom Prinz and the 22nd with Rev Georgia DuBose.  We will also celebrate two Sundays in September, the 12th with Rev. Gail Epes and the 19th with Rev. Prinz.  Maybe we are going to feel more normal having  Communion twice a month and Morning Prayer the other Sundays.  Eventually we will get back to HE the first and third Sundays and MP the second and fourth like we did pre-pandemic.  That will give us a sense of normalcy.

See you Sunday!

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