Just a reminder:  MASKS ARE REQUIRED while we are indoors during August.  We will address the issue again in September and each following month until it is safe to go without them.

Katrina Cole was honored in two articles in Loudoun Now in its on-line edition last week.  In one article it focused on Katrina as a knowledgeable person in the mental health field.  The link to that is https://loudounnow.com/2021/07/22/is-the-safety-net-broken-state-mental-health-facility-closures-felt-locally/?.   We have seen Katrina in action within our church family when she has so spontaneously offered ways for people to get help.  In a second article Katrina, on behalf of Friends of Mental Health,  was receiving a sizeable donation from a corporation which pledged to share profits with the group.  Congratulations, Katrina and thanks to Jane Jacobs for pointing these articles out to me so I could share them with you.

I hope you can be with us Sunday to honor Jane Sowards during the time of fellowship.  We will enjoy some cake and punch on the side lawn (hopefully,  if weather cooperates) as we wish her and husband, Al, well in their new home in Cary, NC.  Jane has a long history with Christ Church and we will miss her presence.  She hopes to be able to continue worshiping with us via Zoom.

Before the reception we will have a special worship time with Richard sharing facts and treasures about our church’s past.  Dave will be assisting him projecting slides.  I’m looking forward to this presentation, gentlemen.

We had a special guest on Zoom last Sunday.  It was Rev. Phocas joining us from Tanzania. To most of you that is just a name you have heard during our prayer on Sundays prior to the pandemic. Some of us who have been part of the church longer were introduced to him by Joan and Lou Mattia, our vicars about 10 years ago.  They met him while they were in Africa doing missionary work and introduced him to us when they served CCL.  Zoom does have some advantages in that someone halfway across the world can worship with us!  Neat, huh?

The readings for this week are: Psalm 51:1-13 (BCP p. 656); 2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a; Ephesians 4:1-16 and the Gospel is John 6:24-35.  Beth is our lector and Anna is our intercessor.  Pam reminded me yesterday that she is the musician this Sunday since it was obvious to her that I didn’t look at the schedule to see that she was playing two weeks in a row!  We usually alternate weeks so I just assumed it was my week.  Oops!  We look forward to your music, Pam.

Five Finger Prayer

 Your thumb is nearest to you.  Begin praying for those closest to you as they are the easiest to remember.

The next finger is your pointing finger.  Pray for teachers, doctors and ministers who teach, instruct and heal.

The middle finger is our tallest finger so it reminds us to pray for our leaders who shape our nation and guide public opinion.  They need God’s guidance.

The fourth finger is our ring finger.  It is also our weakest finger.  Pray for those who are weak, in trouble or in pain.

Our little finger is last.  It reminds us where to place ourselves in relation to God and others.  The Bible tells us “The least shall be the greatest among you.”  Your needs will be put in perspective after you have prayed for the other four groups.

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