We have had some wonderful messages Kurt, Gary, Rev Tom, Dave and Lisa the past five weeks.  This Sunday we will hear again from Gary Mears as he shares with us.  Many thanks to everyone for the time spent to prepare the message and for sharing so much a part of yourself with the church family.

Thanks to Richard Weaver for agreeing to be the Church Historian.  He has been looking through boxes of memorabilia that he discovered in the attic in Church House.  He will be sharing some of our history with us August 1 during the service so be sure you are here for that.

The readings for Sunday 7/11 are:  Psalm 24 (BCP p. 613); 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19; and Ephesians 1:3-14.  The Gospel is Mark 6:14-29.  Nancy W is our Lector and Beth is the Intercessor this week.

August will be special because we will celebrate Holy Eucharist two times.  Rev Tom will be with us as usual on the third Sunday and the following week we will meet Rev. Georgia DuBose.  She lives in Harpers Ferry, WVA but is licensed to serve in VA.  Susan met her several months ago while standing in line to order food at Roots.  Linda Bailey, our CCM liaison, recommended that we contact her to serve as a guest clergy.

Have a blessed week and I hope to see you in church Sunday.




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