We will celebrate a modified Holy Eucharist this Sunday with Rev. Tom Prinz.  Social distancing restrictions have been lifted but you are invited to leave some space between you and the next person when you come up to the altar rail.  At this first Communion in over a year there will not be any wine.  Bread only will be offered.  You will cup your hands as usual and Rev. Prinz will put the wafer in your hand.

Remember the Blessing Box.  Food items can be brought any Sunday and placed in the box provided.  If it is easier to donate money/check, please indicate that your donation is for the Blessing Box.

The Bishops of Virginia alternate sending messages each week.  This week, Bishop Porter Taylor addressed “what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in our time of division and acrimony with the following advice entitled “Ten Commandments for Mature Living.

  1. Live in gratitude and thank your Creator by enjoying your life.
  2. Be willing to carry more and more of life’s complexities with empathy.
  3. Transform negative feelings rather than give them back in kind.
  4. Let suffering soften our heart rather than harden our soul.
  5. Forgive those who hurt you, our own sins, life’s unfairness, and God for not rescuing you.
  6. Bless more and curse less.
  7. Live in a more radical sobriety.
  8. Pray, affectively and liturgically.
  9. Be wide in your embrace.
  10. Stand where you are supposed to be standing and let God provide the rest.

We are not going to go back to what we remember as “normal.”  We can create our “new normal” by being agents of God’s grace showing His love and mercy toward others and by “aligning ourselves with God’s intentions for us and for all humankind.”  I am going to read the above commandments each day for the next 30 days to see how I can create a world around me that is a small glimpse of heaven.   Won’t you join me?

Dave will be leading worship Sunday as I am going to be at Leesburg Presbyterian Church serving as their guest organist.  I was the organist and choir director there 50 years ago!  When I was invited to play for their reopening service on June 20 the plan was that CCL would reopen July 4.  I thought I could slip away from the Zoom service and not be missed.  I will miss being with you this Sunday but felt that I had given my word to help them and couldn’t change my mind.  Pam will offer her beautiful music; you have to come to church to see whether Brett or Nancy serve as lector; Linda will be the intercessor and Rev. Tom will deliver the message and offer Communion.

The readings are: I Samuel 17: (1, 4-11, 19-23), 32-49; Psalm 9: 9-20; and 2 Corinthians 6:1-13.  The Gospel is Mark 4: 35-41.

Happy Father’s Day!

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