There is great excitement throughout the church.  Can’t you just see Church Mouse scampering around with joy watching everybody work?   Prayer books, Bibles and hymnbooks are being put back in the pew racks and the Renew books are back on the pews, cleaning is taking place, the fire extinguishers have been checked to see that they are in tip-top shape, supplies for coffee hour have been purchased, banners that show we are open and banners to welcome people home have been hung, and altar cloths for the season of Pentecost have replaced the white Easter hangings.  Since the announcement about reopening was made, people have been coordinating all this activity by texts, emails, and phone calls.    A big thank you to all of the persons who have been a part of these activities so that our first time together this coming Sunday will give God glory, honor and praise.

Re masks:  I have created quite a controversy over the question of wearing masks.  I apologize for creating the controversy and I pray that you will be comfortable with my decision.  I have decided to go with the old saying, “It’s better to err on the side of caution.”  I understand that wearing masks is a bother and we are all tired of them.  When we first talked about reopening masks were required indoors.  Later the CDC (and Bishop Goff) announced that those who have been fully vaccinated (meaning two weeks have passed following their last shot) were no longer required to wear masks.  Last week I announced that we only needed to wear masks while singing.  I have heard from parishioners on both sides of this issue expressing strong feelings. (Indeed, I have heard that some people think we are moving too fast in reopening!). The one group that I did not consider when I made the decision to not require masks is the immune-compromised group—those who have had their shots but, because of their immune systems and the medicines they are taking they are not able to build antibodies in order to be protected from COVID.  I was reminded of this concern by a parishioner, and another parishioner reminded me that Jesus asked us to “take care of the least of those among us”.  Considering the safety of those who are unable to build sufficient antibodies, MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED while in the building for the months of June and July.   We will address this issue toward the end of July to decide whether or not masks will be required beginning in August.

As in the “old days” we will continue to wear name tags.  You can write your name using a pen from the “clean” cup of pens.  After using a pen you may place it in the “dirty” cup.  The pens will be wiped clean for use next week.

For Coffee Hour you may bring your own mug or use a styrofoam cup that the church will supply.  We are storing the church mugs for the time being.  Bottles of water will also be available.

Kurt will be our leader and message giver this Sunday; Pam will lead our music and Nancy W will be the Lector.  Susan will intercess.  The readings are 1 Samuel 8:4-11,16-20; Psalm 138

(p 793); 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1; and the Gospel is Mark 3:20-35.  Remember that we will have a short parish meeting following the service.

Welcome Home!


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