This Sunday is known as “Rogation Sunday”.  Have you heard of it?  Do you know what it means?  The only thing I knew about it is that it comes around every year but I didn’t know why.  Perhaps you are wondering, too.  First, we have to talk about Ascension Day which is 40 days after Easter and, since Easter is always on a Sunday, Ascension Day is always on a Thursday.  Just as the date for Easter changes each year so does the date we celebrate Ascension Day.

The Sunday before Ascension is called Rogation Sunday because the next three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are Rogation Days when special prayers are given seeking God’s blessing on agriculture and industry in the land.  This custom of the church began in France in the 15th century.  The English associated Rogation Days with the blessing of the fields as crops were planted.  The vicar would walk the boundary lines of the parish reciting Psalms and The Great Litany which we sometimes read on special occasions.  (It begins on page 148 in The Book of Common Prayer if you want to read it.) Now you know why it is called Rogation Sunday.

We welcome Perry Epes as he joins us to give the message this Sunday.  It will be delightful to see him and hear him share with us.  If you did not get to hear the talks and see the slides of the Holy Land that he and his wife, Rev. Gail, shared with us during Holy Week you missed an inspiring presentation.  Beth will be our Lector and Jane Jacobs will be our Intercessor.  I promise Pam will be the musician this week!  (I failed to look at the schedule last week when I said it would be Pam and it turned out to be me for a second Sunday in a row.  Oops!)

Thanks to Lisa for her message last Sunday and for the slides which she prepared for the service.  What a joy it is to work with all the worship leaders who share such thoughtful messages with us each week.

I like Lisa’s addition to the opening slide where she listed the readings for the day.  If you like to read along with the Lector you have time to find the passages in your Bible while waiting for the service to begin.  If you want to really be prepared for what you will be hearing in the message you can read the following passages before Sunday:  Acts 10:44-48; Psalm 98; 1 John 5:1-6 and the Gospel:  John 15:9-17.

Congratulations to Susan Lee on the honor bestowed on her by the Lucketts Ruritans who named her the 2020 Citizen of the Year.  Susan is a second generation recipient of this award as her father, Yaeger Gum, received it in the past.  If you need to know anything about the Lucketts community, Susan is the one to ask.  She was “born and bred” right here.

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“See” you Sunday!



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