Welcome to our new look!  I want to say thanks to Natalie Metzler for sending the announcements each week on the web site when she receives an email from me with them.  After a brief discussion at the Vestry meeting last week Natalie took the suggestion to send the announcements out in the new format that you see now.  Natalie turned to Julia Roettiger (the designer of our web site) for help.  A big thank you to both of these ladies from me.

Thank you to Dave Butler and Chris Anderson for answering the request for a delegate and alternate for representing Christ Church next November at the Annual Meeting of the Diocese.  Thanks to Cyndi Anderson for offering to assist with the audit.  Are there any other volunteers?

The plan for reopening the church has been submitted to the diocese.  Susan is our contact person and Kurt took the lead to get the form submitted.  Thank you both.  Our target date for reopening is July 4.  As you know we will have procedures that we will have to follow under the diocesan guidelines but it will be wonderful to be able to gather in the church again.

Didn’t it feel good to have Kurt leading worship last Sunday?  It almost seemed like “old times” to hear his message and share his sense of humor.  Each worship leader is a valuable part of our church as he/she shares a part of themselves with us in their message.  So…thank you Pam, Dave, Tom, Kurt, Gary, Lisa and Perry for the time and effort you put into preparing and giving us the message on your scheduled Sunday.  Again, I invite anyone who would like to share in this ministry to get in touch with me so I can put you on the schedule.

No less important to our worship is the Lector and Intercessor.  Thanks to Pattie for making the schedule for them.  If you would like to become a L or I, please let Pattie know.  We do the schedule quarterly so we will be working on the July-August-September schedule soon.

Lisa Treichel is going to give the message this Sunday.  Assisting her is Katrina Cole as Lector and Anna as Intercessor.  Lisa has also created new slides for the Power Point celebrating spring.  Thank you, Lisa.   Pam will be the musician this week.

The readings are:  Acts 8:26-40; Psalm 22:24-30 (p. 611 BCP); and 1 John 4:7-21.  The Gospel reading is John 15:1-8.

It was nice to have a friend of Katrina’s join us last Sunday for worship.  She lives in Ohio and it is wonderful that we can reach out to friends near and far using Zoom.  Is there someone you know who would like to join us?


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