The Vestry met last night and selected a date for the reopening of the church for indoor services.  We are asking the diocese to allow us to open July 4.  If our request is approved quickly we might change the opening to an earlier date.

When we go back to services inside the building there will be requirements that we must follow.  At a minimum we will have to wear masks, be physically distanced (pews will be marked), no physical contact, no communion, no singing, and no fellowship/coffee hour activity.  We will be asked to enter one door (closest to the parking lot) and exit the front door (sometimes called the back door).  Signs will be in place so you know what to do.   Thanks to Susan, Kurt and Brett for their assistance in measuring and getting the forms filed with the diocese.  After opening, our services will still be on Zoom so people who are reluctant to attend in person will still be able to participate.

Our prayers are with Damara and Jane who are in Maryland this weekend with a dog show.  They heard last weekend that there was so much traffic in the area where the dog show is being held that traffic was stopped all four ways because a nearby facility was offering Covid vaccinations and traffic was so heavy.  They are asking for prayers that everything works out well for dog owners and shot-seekers this weekend.

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