Please join in on weeding, trimming, clearing and beautifying our wonderful church!

We will work from 8-1. Please bring any hand tools that you use for your own lawns/gardens. If anyone has large clippers and/or electric hedge clippers, please bring those. Don’t forget your gloves! An INCOMPLETE list of jobs:
1. Weeding memorial garden, Church House front garden and Small garden next to church (by memorial garden)
2. Picking up all branches on the grounds
3. Clipping back trees along ramp to back door of church house
4. Cutting back bushes along the side of the church (toward the back, on church house side)
5. Raking and cleaning up around the Blessing Box table
6. General clipping back of trees and bushes along walkways and in gardens
7. Playground cleanup – Brett will have info on what is needed.
Thank you all for taking care of our beautiful little church! Please let Nancy know if you can join us:
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