Prayers have been answered for both Pattie and Kurt in that their surgeries went well.  Anna brought Kurt home the same day as the surgery which seems remarkable to me.  He was able to walk up and down the stairs once he got home which is even more remarkable to me.  Pattie spent one night in the hospital but reported that the nurses and therapists called her their “rock star” because she worked so hard at the tasks they gave her.

I received several emails with comments concerning the reopening of church.  Please send your thoughts so we can move forward with plans for the reopening and incorporate as many suggestions as possible.

If you received an email that announced the Clean Up Day and you got an outdated Thursday announcement attached you will understand why I always have Pattie send emails to the congregation.  Obviously I couldn’t bother Pattie  by asking her to send the email since she is recovering from her knee surgery and just getting home tonight.  Now you know more about my lack of technical knowledge when it comes to computers.  Hopefully you will focus on the message of the Clean Up Day and not be distracted by the rest of the email.

Don’t forget Clean Up Day Saturday!

I hope to see you Sunday for worship on Zoom!

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