It was so nice to be in the church for the Easter broadcast on Zoom.  I hear that there were some brief technical issues which we will overcome the next time we broadcast from church.  It was wonderful to have Gary Mears give the message and to have Dave, Pam and Betty at the church.  And it was wonderful to have so many join us for the service of worshipl

The Holy Week services were outstanding!  It was so nice to see Rev. Gail and Perry Epes as they shared the memories of their trip to the Holy Land.  Thanks to the ones who were able to join me for the Maundy Thursday “dinner”.  The service commemorated Jesus and the disciples sharing a meal in the Upper Room and the institution of the Lord’s Supper by Jesus.  Once the “service“was over, the mics were unmuted and the chatter began.  What fun!  Our Good Friday “procession” to the 14 Stations of the Cross marked the end of Holy Week.  After seeing the Holy Land earlier in the week through the eyes of Perry and Gail as they shared pictures of the places where Jesus walked, the readings on Friday were very vivid and meaningful.

Our thanks to Holly Chapple and her family for flowering the cross which stood tall on the mound between the church and church house facing Route 15 Easter Sunday.  Thanks to all of you who provided flowers to go on the cross.

We extend prayers for the upcoming surgeries of Kurt and Pattie next Tuesday.  Kurt will become part bionic-man with a hip replacement and Pattie will also become bionic with a knee replacement.  Our prayers are with them, their families, and the medical personnel working with them.

Have a great week!

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