It has been a thrilling time sharing the trip the Epes took to the Holy Land January 2020.  I hope you were able to be with us to hear them speak of their experience.  Besides hearing their description of the pictures they showed us, it was nice to see Rev Gail and Perry again.  Hopefully we will see them again the near future.

Our Blessing Box will more than double in the coming days thanks to Bill Sutton working on a larger version of what we have now.  The ladies who supervise the box (Nancy S, Nancy W, Beth, Susan and Pattie) keep a close watch on supplies.  Nancy W recently organized the pantry in the kitchen just inside the door and we are looking good.  Thanks, Nancy.

We haven’t set a date for reopening the church but plans are being made to start the process of obtaining permission from the Diocese to reopen.  Thanks for your patience as we work through the process.

Stay safe and be blessed as you celebrate Easter with family and friends!





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