We received a letter from A Farm Less Ordinary (one of the organizations which our Mission Committee recommended we support last year) telling us of their accomplishments during this past year.  They were originally located in Bluemont where they had a greenhouse that they used to start seedlings and grow crops early in the spring.  Thanks to a donation of land in Lovettsville they have moved the greenhouse and have begun planting.  Their employees are people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are supervised by staff members.  They also manage a farm in Leesburg.  You are invited to tour either the farm or the greenhouse by calling 1-202-810-3276 or by emailing maya@afarmlessordinary.org.  You can sign up for a weekly vegetable subscription using afarmlessordinary@csaware.com or purchase vegetables at the Cascades farmers’ market in Sterling beginning in May and going through the summer.

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