Holy Week runs from March 28 which is Palm Sunday through April 4, Easter Day.  You have heard that you will be receiving a Holy Week packet which will include palms (ordered by Jane Sowards—thank you, Jane) that we will wave together on Palm Sunday and the Passion of Jesus according to Mark which we will read dramatically as the message on Palm Sunday.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights of Holy Week from 7:00-7:30 (or earlier) we will  visit with Rev. Gail and Perry Epes to hear them describe their travels in the Holy Land last year.

Maundy Thursday I invite you to connect with me on Zoom at 6 pm as you are eating dinner.  This is to remember Jesus’ last supper with his disciples.  As I read from the scripture the account of this occasion, I would ask you to “eat this bread, and drink this cup” from your own dinner table.  I pray that this will be a meaningful experience.

Good Friday we will use The Way of the Cross booklets which will be part of the packet that you will receive prior to Holy Week.  We will be reading the Stations of the Cross from the booklet beginning at 7pm.

For Easter Day you will find a more polished cross in the packet—a symbol of the risen Christ.  The plain wooden cross that was part of the Lenten packet representing the starkness of Lent can be laid aside and the triumphant cross can be our focus now.  Also included in the packet you will find some notecards  with a picture of the CCL cross and Easter lilies decorating the chancel.  Thank you, Richard, for creating the tote bag and notecards which we are sharing with Our church family.

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