We recently received a thank you note for the donation to Friends of Loudoun Mental Health.  The note said, “We very much appreciate your donation to Friends of Loudoun Mental Health. With other avenues of fundraising limited during this pandemic, support from our gracious donors is so very important.”  The note included a story about one of their clients who said:  “The help you have given me was life altering.  I have stress amnestic spells, where I lose memory from time to time.  As a result, from this I lost my 14 year job as a pharmacy tech… Your help has given me great relief…I can’t thank you enough.”

An opportunity is being offered for anyone interested in taking a course offered through the Province III Opiod Response Task Force to help individuals “reflect critically on the current state of substance use and addiction.”  In 2018 at the General Convention four resolutions were adopted to address the opiod addiction epidemic and to minister to those affected by this crisis.  There is a $150 charge for this 8 week course.  If you are interested, please let Betty know.

Stay safe in the snow.


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