“A Prayer for Our Church in This Time” was part of a communication sent out from the Diocese.  I share it with you to offer a word of encouragement and hope.   The prayer was written by Kathleen Staudt.

“Loving God, we pray for this church community in this time of crisis.  Deliver us from simply desiring to go ’back to normal,’ and give us grace instead to be open to the opportunities that your Spirit brings in this time of separation.  Grant that we may come out of this crisis with open eyes, more fully available to the needs of those most vulnerable and those whose labor we have always depended on.  Give us creative hearts to embrace and carry forward the new ways we have found to connect with one another; and in your good time bring us safely back together as a people renewed in the knowledge of your faithfulness and abiding love and strengthened for the work ahead.  We pray in the name of Jesus.  Amen”

Words to live by:  Today, lean into the good.  Find the sparkle in the normal.  Speak with kindness, freely.  Let go of labels.  See the beauty behind the busy.  Dare, greatly.  Love others without conditions.  Get caught up in the gift of life, today.    Have a good day!  “See” you Sunday.

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