Our Ash Wednesday Service will be February 17 at 7 p.m. on Zoom.  Parishioners will receive an Ash Wednesday “kit” which contains a small container of ashes.  The ashes are used to place the sign of the cross on the forehead.  Where there are multiple family members, please decide prior to the service who is going to dip their thumb into the ashes and put the symbol of the cross on the others in the family.  We will be following the Ash Wednesday order of service which begins on page 264 in the BCP.  I invite you to put this date and time on your calendar and prepare your schedule so that you can participate in this holy service.  I will do my best to limit the length of the service to 30 minutes so that our younger folk can get to bed on time.

Also in the kit is a simple wooden cross.   It is a simple reminder of the starkness of the Lenten season:  a time for repentance, a time for reflection, and a time to consider the sacrifice of Jesus for our salvation.  I hope you will put the cross in a prominent place where you can see it as a daily reminder of the season.

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