January 6 was The Epiphany – the day we celebrate the arrival of the Magi (or wise men) who came searching for the baby who was born King of the Jews. They brought gifts to honor the Christ Child. These gifts had a spiritual meaning:

Gold was a symbol of earthly kingship; frankincense (an incense) was a symbol of deity; and myrrh (an embalming oil) was a symbol of death. These same gifts can also be described this way: Gold=virtue; frankincense= prayer and myrrh=suffering.  Epiphany (also called Feast of the Epiphany) is one of the three principal festival days of the Christian church. The other two are Christmas and Easter.

The video about the Four Candles last Sunday reminds us that the light of hope can relight the candles that have gone out: the candle of peace, the candle of faith, and the candle of love. I pray that you are blessed this week with all four candles burning brightly in your life. If you need to feel more peace, faith, love or hope, pray this prayer: “Dear God, You are my light and salvation. You are my hope. Please come into my heart, forgive all my wrongs and give me Your wonderful gift of eternal Life. Help me be an instrument of Your love and cause Your light to shine on others through me. Amen

Have a blessed week. “See” you Sunday.


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