The Committee members, Susan Lee, Nancy Sutton, Pattie Palmer, Beth Newberry, and Nancy Wiseman presented the idea to the Vestry that we would use the remaining funds in the Mission Account to add to the Christmas of those folks that attend the Food Pantry at Faith Chapel.

Our plan was approved, and we set about making this happen.

Nancy Wiseman ordered 80 blankets.  We put Christmas ribbons around all the blankets and these were given, one to each family at our gift giving day.

Items for our gift bags were purchased by members of the committee during several shopping trips, primarily to Dollar Tree stores.  The gifts included the lovely Christmas bags, boxes of brownie mixes, gloves, calendars, mugs filled with candy, games, candy, coloring books, crayons, pens, pencils, stickers.  We made 80 bags for adults and 80 for children.  These were handed out to each family.

In addition, Nancy Wiseman got several boxes of children’s books for different ages.  These were distributed according to age.  The children were able to pick them out and were delighted to have their own books!

Also, Eric Ballve, Beth’s son, provided about 100 DVD movies that families were able to take home with them.  They were very happy with these as well.

On the day of our event, Christine McFall handed out fliers to all the families that showed up at the Food Pantry at Faith Chapel.  On the flier, directions were given in both Spanish and English, and all were invited to come to get the gifts.

A poster was set up at the entrance to our parking lot welcoming our guests, and giving them directions. Eric Ballve and his son, Aiden, came early to help set up the tables and get all the items out of the church and onto our tables.  Mark and Morgan Thomas came and helped with directing the cars to make a loop around the parking lot to facilitate the movement of the cars.  When the event was over, they helped to break down the tables and return them to the church house.  All the members of the committee were there to help with the distribution of all the gifts and to enjoy the experience!

Linda Gwinn-Casey also came and helped sort the books according to age groups.  Linda also took the items that remained to distribute.  The remaining books went to Mobile Hope.  The remaining blankets and gift bags went to a guidance counselor at her school (Belmont Ridge MS) who was going to distribute them at the school’s big event, “Ignite the Love.”

We calculate that we served about 70 families this day.  They were very appreciative and the faces of the children showed their delight!  This was a very successful event and we all agreed that we would like it to be the first of an annual event.

Final Tally of expenses:

Blankets –   $1,516

Gift bags –     1,212

Gift cards–        500

Total            $3,228


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