Thanks to Beth, Nancy W, Pattie, Susan, Nancy S, and Linda for braving the cold weather Saturday to pass out blankets and gift bags .  Thanks to Mark and Morgan Thomas for directing the cars coming to our parking lot from the Food Pantry where Christine handed out flyers announcing our offering.  It was a cold day but many hearts were warmed by the smiles and cheery waves and “Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad” greetings that were seen and heard.  Thanks, also, to Beth’s son and grandson for their help in setting up the tables.

The Blessing Box will be ready to be stocked in the near future.  Nancy S will let us know when we can bring our donations of soup and boxed items to help fill it.  Our desire is that it become a place where the community can follow the motto “Take one if you need it, give one if you can” so that our neighbors have the opportunity to help one another.



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