An edited excerpt from the Episcopal Relief Organization:

“Jesus’ birth was a monumental event that religious scholars prophesied for centuries.  Isaiah 40:3 says:  ‘A voice cries out:  In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.’  The Old Testament book of Isaiah was written around 700 BC.  Later, in the Gospels, the verse reemerges when John the Baptist says it is his voice crying out, encouraging everyone to prepare for Jesus.  Sometimes it feels like Christians are always waiting and preparing!  But as we see in Scripture, preparation is important.  We should delight in knowing that our preparations will be well worth it.  Think about John the Baptist a minute.  He prepared for Jesus by living a simple life, preaching, baptizing others in the river and eating locusts and wild honey.  How are you preparing?”  During this season of Advent may we find time to prepare our body, mind and spirit for the coming of Christ.

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