Yeah, Team!  I’m speaking to each of you for the many things that get done each week behind the scenes to make Christ Church, Lucketts the warm and caring place that it is.  You may be thinking, “What have I done?”  Sharing yourself by “attending” church, sending the announcements (Natalie), chairing a committee (Beth), donating to special causes (many of you), checking the mail (Susan and Paul), shopping for church members (Richard), preparing slides for worship (Anna), writing the messages as Worship Leaders (Pam, Dave and, in the near future, Lisa), creating the Blessing Box (Nancy and Bill Sutton), purchasing food donated by CCL for the Lucketts Food Pantry (Janet and Paul), managing our budget and finances (Paul), producing the Advent Calendar and CLIPS (Jane L with Damara’s help),  sharing his leadership (Kurt), reporting on the activities of Church Mouse (Jane S),  sending birthday cards (Jane J), sending emails to keep everyone informed (Pattie), chairing Strawberry Fest (Nancy W), heading up the Vestry (Susan), supporting Susan in her work as Senior Warden (Kenny), serving on the Vestry (Lisa, Linda, Brett, Pattie, Nancy S, Natalie), Sunday School teacher (Mo) sharing her gift of music (Pam), supporting the church financially and through prayer(every one of you!). This is only a partial listing of the many ways that our church thrives.  I know there is a danger that I have forgotten to name someone for their important contribution to the work of God’s kingdom.  Please forgive me for my error.  Know that we appreciate your contribution and that God blesses you for it.

We look forward to Dave as Worship Leader, Pam with her music and Beth as Lector  and Natalie as Intercessor this Sunday.  Isn’t the Advent Book a joy to have … something to hold in our hands!  Thank you, again, Richard for this wonderful book.

Have a blessed week!   “See” you Sunday for worship at 9:30.

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