Remember to have your Christ Church, Lucketts Advent and Christmas Eve 2020 book ready to use this coming Sunday.  We are so grateful to Richard for creating this book for our use during this season of change from our past Christmases and to have as an historical document to pass on to future generations so they will know how we celebrated the Advent season in 2020 coping with the quarantine.   Thank you, Richard, for the time and effort you gave to create and publish this book and then deliver copies to many of our church folk.

Another person who has spent hours preparing a special Advent treat for our church family is Jane Lodge.  She has collated the memories from past Christmases that you sent her and she will be emailing you a memory each day of Advent.  The idea for this occurred to me back in October that we could do something like an Advent calendar sharing a little part of our lives with each other.  Jane has sent me the draft of this “calendar” and it is spectacular!  I really enjoyed getting to know each of you a little better because of the stories you sent Jane.  Thank you, Jane, for a job well done.

There are some Christ Church, Lucketts Christmas ornaments available for $15.  If you are interested in having one, please let Richard know (  They are a replica of the front of the church.


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