A Salute to the Veterans among us. We are so thankful for your service for us and for our country. My apologies for not mentioning this last Sunday and recognizing those of you who have served. We thank the spouses and families of our service men and women as they have sacrificed for us, also.

The schedule for leading worship in the first quarter of 2021 is open. Several members of the church have expressed a desire to be a guest worship leader who would be responsible for providing the message in the same way that Rev. Tom Prinz did last Sunday. If you are interested in giving a message based on the scripture readings for a particular Sunday, please let Susan or Betty know and we can put you on the schedule in January, February or March.

Leading our worship this Sunday, November 15 is Pam Butler. Assisting her will be Richard Weaver as the Lector and Beth Newberry as the Intercessor.

November 22 is our Dedication Sunday for the pledges for 2021. Dave Butler will be our Worship Leader that day. It is the last Sunday in Pentecost and is traditionally known as Christ the King Sunday. Can you believe we are only two weeks away from the beginning of Advent?

Remember your stories of Christmas Past…write them and send them to Jane Lodge who is at mbliki1@gmail.com.

Have a blessed week!


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