What is our biggest threat to finding the peace and joy of Jesus in our lives? We can answer that question with one word – fear. We fear a loved one becoming sick. We fear losing our job. We fear the upcoming election. We fear more unrest in our country. As you have
probably noticed fear feeds on itself especially if we allow fear to rule our lives.
God calls us to courage, faith, hope, love and joy in Jesus. Listening to God should be our utmost priority. Because of Jesus we can lean on God’s power to be fearless by staying in His Word and praying to Him for help. We can actually live the command of Romans 12:12: “Be
joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
There are times when we approach a trial in life that creates fear in our hearts but fear doesn’t have to be our last resort. When we put our faith in God in the face of fear, He gives us hope that not only encourages us but also reveals His love and strength to the world.

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