Many thanks to Lisa Treichel for leading worship last Sunday.  I know she wasn’t  able to play the song for you to go along with the Gospel.  Maybe I can do that another time when it is appropriate.  Thanks, also, to Pattie for opening Church House for Lisa to have a good wifi connection.

Another thank you to Pam and Dave for their continued leadership during my time of convalescing from my fall.  I am improving each day and am so appreciative of the cards, phone calls and meals that have been brought to us.  I am happy to receive calls anytime.  Funny story:  I am supposed to walk with a walker with someone watching me as I walk.  This morning I was waiting for son Andy to arrive and watch me walk to the stairs.  The walker wasn’t going fast enough for me so I picked it up and carried it to the top of the stairs.  Andy did not think too much of that idea! When we got to the bottom of the stairs where another walker was waiting for me he wanted to know if I wanted  him to carry that for me.  Guess I better be more careful how I use my walker in the future!

Thanks for the Christmas memories that have been sent to Jane Lodge.  She will send a memory and a Bible passage each day of Advent.  What a treat to look forward to reading each day!  There is still plenty of time to send your contribution to Jane.

The Third Quarter Stewardship statement will be a little delayed due to my injury.  Watch for it soon.

Blessings to all and have a great week.   


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