First of all, as the Lay Leader following in Kurt’s shoes (notice the word “following,” not “filling”) I am humbled and more than a little awed.  Know that I am not Kurt with his exuberance for leadership, but I am a familiar face at Christ Church.  Over the 25 year span of serving the church as organist for 20 years and co-musician with Pam the past 5 years I have also, along with my husband Larry, cut the grass, swept the floors, assisted Larry when he was treasurer for over 10 years, served as Senior Warden, and now serve as Receipts Treasurer.

A small church provides unique opportunities for service.  I remember a time when Bishop Shannon (retired Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia) visited our church.  At that time I was Senior Warden and the Chair of the Search Committee.  In the role of Senior Warden I greeted the Bishop when he arrived that Sunday morning, played the organ for the worship service, then met him at Church House for a meeting with the Search Committee.  As I entered the meeting room I laughed and said, “Here I am again wearing a different hat.”  He responded, “In a small church people have to wear many hats.”

Well folks, this is a new hat that I am wearing prayerfully.  I am so pleased that Pam and Dave Butler will continue with me as Worship Leaders to provide messages on Sunday mornings.  We will invite clergy to share with us on Zoom, also. We will continue to have Morning Prayer on Wednesday at 10 a.m. with Bible Conversation.  Please let me know if you are interested in an evening edition of Bible Conversation and we can certainly start one.

We will go into this new phase of church life joyfully.  We are blessed to have a wonderful Vestry that oversees the business of the church.  Senior Warden Susan Lee and Junior Warden Brett Wiseman with the others on Vestry will see that the doors of the church stay open (literally and figuratively in the current situation); our treasurer, Paul Muench will keep a steady hand on our finances; Jane Lodge will produce the wonderful CLIPS newsletter; Natalie Metzler will continue to get the announcements out each Thursday; Mo Thomas will take the lead for teaching Sunday School; and each of us will do what we do every day—practice good stewardship, pray for the church to glorify God, reach out to others in mission, follow the Jesus Way and, most importantly, LOVE.  A song says it like this:  “I am the church; YOU are the church; WE are the church together.”  All of us are a part of that WE.  Let us serve and rejoice! (I started to name others and list what they do in the life of our church family.  I soon realized I would have named everyone in the church! What a blessing it is to have the participation of each one of you in worship, in behind-the-scenes support, and in your presence).