I, for one, have marveled at the fact that our little faith community has remained together and seemingly has gotten stronger during this pandemic.  After all, we love our building, we’re not in our building;  we love to pass the peace with contact, we’re not touching anyone; communion means a lot to all of us and we haven’t had it since March.  How come we still average 35 people on a Sunday morning Hollywood Squares type service?

In my final two messages I’m going to reflect on the second and third ways I believe Jesus reaches us.  In the first one I said he reaches us on a spiritual level.  In my next one I’ll talk about on a social level and the final message will be about how he reaches us-and expects us to reach each other-on a personal level.

The social level is what Christ Church is all about.  We are a social bunch-more so than any church I’ve ever been a part of.  And yes we like being together.  But how we are social, as in what I have called the benefit of the doubt Christian way, makes it possible for us to stay together even when we aren’t in proximity of each other.

The social connection with Jesus goes two ways:  1.  it means how we socialize with each other and 2.  it means how we extend that social connection to our relationship with him.  This may sound confusing and hopefully I’ll explain it well during the message.  Bottom line is Jesus expects us to remain in love with him and each other, no matter what.

Even during a pandemic.  Even during a divisive Presidential campaign.  Even during social unrest.

Because we have committed to following him, even these very difficult issues should never divide us.  In fact, if we are true to our calling in following him, being safe and careful during the pandemic, keeping our thoughts and mouth to ourselves during a campaign, supporting change without violence, are all ways the social part of our Christianity can become a force for good, not evil.

This is the social nature of our relationship with Jesus.  It’s true ‘benefit of the doubt’ Christianity.

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