Some, during these three weeks we have been worshiping online, have suggested this method of worshiping works better for them than being in the church building.  While nothing can take the place of face-to-face interaction and community requires we be together, there is something to be said for Zoom Church for things like snowstorms and mid-week worship.

We have found, for example, that many people working from home, stop in the middle of the day for the ten minute service we have been providing.  It has become part of their lunch break.  We can easily continue this on a less than daily basis and provide worship opportunities for all during their busy days.

Certainly the occasional closing of our church because of weather (we always have to remember many of our parishioners come from rural areas and trying to get to church would be dangerous) will end.  Now we can reach out to everyone and tell them church is online and  we all know how to do it.

But we should be very careful to get too comfortable.  We NEED to be together.  So when we can return to church in person let’s commit to being there in full force.  We need personal interaction.  Christianity requires it.

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