Our Sr. Warden, Susan Lee, has called to our attention  concern about a portion of our population we might not think about who could be impacted terribly if schools close during this virus pandemic:    those kids and families that depend on food they get on Friday from organizations like Backpack Buddies.  As hard as it is to believe today, in 2020, there are some kids who get most of the food they consume each day when they come to school. The so-called ‘free and reduced lunch’ population is larger than we might think here in Loudoun County, the richest county in the world.  To some of our families there just isn’t enough food at home.

In conversation with our friends at Faith Chapel we know they are now feeding almost 50 families each month.

We will keep tabs on the services for ‘the least of these’ and provide opportunities for us to serve them during this terrible time.  As with almost everything now a days-we say ‘more information to come.’

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