This Sunday there will be a signup sheet in the narthex for the four important committees of the church that, we hope, will be a little more formal in 2020 about meeting– at least quarterly.  If you have any interest please sign up:

Vestry-the Vestry is the managing committee of our lay-led church.  Remember we don’t have a Vicar or a priest who runs things.  Our congregation runs the parish, and we need  people who will be part of this important committee to step up.  The Vestry meets monthly though our goal in 2020 is to reduce the number of meetings.  The Vestry is chaired by Sr Warden, Susan Lee.

Worship-the worship committee meets at least quarterly to look at the church calendar and help the Lay Pastoral Leader plan Sunday worship.  Pattie Palmer and Betty Hutchison co-chair this committee.

Outreach-this committee will take a little more methodical look at our outreach giving this year.  Meeting quarterly, this committee will make the recommendations to Vestry for charitable spending. This year it will also help plan our Service Sundays.  This committee is chaired by Beth Newberry.

Buildings and Grounds-this committee meets at least quarterly to review the buildings and grounds situation of the church.   We are looking for a chairperson for this committee who will also serve as Jr. Warden on the Vestry if they choose.  It is possible to chair this committee without adding the responsibilites of Vestry.

Nancy Wiseman and Mo Thomas handle all our children and youth programming and always need help.  If you wish to volunteer with them please see them directly.

For information on any of these committees please talk to the chairperson of each committee or program or talk to Kurt.


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