Our Service Sunday, which saw the entire parish at church assembling sandwiches and ‘essential bags’ for those in need, was capped off when ten members were asked by the others to deliver the food and essentials to the homeless in Washington DC.  As with almost everything at Christ Church, the whole parish participated by either donating food or money for food and/or walking around the tables after a simple Morning Prayer service to prepare a meal and a bag of items like toothpaste and a comb, a wash cloth and lip balm for our homeless friends.

This is Emmanuel–God with us and BY US…this is what it means to live the Jesus Way.  This simple work, provided an opportunity for the entire congregation to again walk the walk and provide for those in need.

Over 50 times we saw Jesus in the face of our homeless sisters and brothers.  While we worried somewhat (actually the Lay Pastoral Leader was the worry-wort) that maybe nobody would be there because of the torrential downpours, we were pleasantly surprised to see a good number of people waiting for us.

We heard over and over as our homeless friends said ‘thank you,’ ‘god bless you’ and ‘I needed this.’  We were proud to serve Jesus in the ‘distressing disguise of the poor’ as Mother Teresa called them.

One man, called ‘big man,’ who the LPL had worked with in the past, was there as usual.  He helped us organize the line and made sure everybody got enough.  He said, as we were leaving: ‘thanks for this;  when it rains nobody comes.”

We did.  Emmanuel–GOD WITH US AND BY US.


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