MORNING PRAYER THIS SUNDAY–tough teaching from Jesus

This Sunday’s teaching from the Gospel of Luke is hard teaching.  A man seeks to follow Jesus but says he has to bury his father first. Another says he will follow but has to say goodbye to his family first. Jesus says, essentially, why?  Just follow me.
But our friend Jesus is simply telling us to follow him now, here in this place, where we are.  Yes he uses hard words saying ‘no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is worthy of the kingdom of heaven.’  This is not very nice but we know that Jesus often uses hyperbole or strong words to get our attention.  He is simply telling us nothing should supersede our willingness to follow him.  That’s something we can understand at Christ Church because all we do is try to follow him.
Kurt’s short message (remember this is a Service  Sunday and we will have short morning prayer then go to Loudoun Hunger Relief to serve) will highlight how we can follow him, now…always.  See you Sunday at 9:30.