In Kurt’s message two  Sundays ago he focused on the power of Psalm 23.  This very familiar scripture–‘the Lord is my shephard’–is more than just a psalm we all know by heart. When really read, and digested, it is a powerful message of God’s being with us in difficult-and not difficult-times.

Kurt also paraphrased the Psalm to show the way it identifies times of trial and offers support during those times.  A copy of the paraphrased Psalm 23 is below:

Psalm 23 — The Lord is my shepherd
A paraphrase for today

With the creator of the universe as my protector, provider and guide, I shall have what I need
The creator gives me rest, refreshes and sustains me as would a quiet stream in the desert.

When I am weary and withered inside, frightened and despairing, God lifts me up and makes me whole again.
When I am confused and lost; when I am prideful and wrongheaded;
I am set straight and kept true because I have been adopted as the Creator’s child.

Even in the dark valleys of life, when the shadow sweeps over me, as surely it will,
and death or sickness or despair touches my friends, my family, myself — even then I will not be afraid. I am fearless because you are at my side.

I am secure in your strength and comforted by your constant care.
The peace you give me is beyond my understanding.

When I ought to be afraid, then your presence settles around me and I feel perfectly at home.
When fears and foes surround, you make me your honored guest, safe in your care.

Blessing follows upon blessing until they are beyond counting;
until my mind cannot hold them all and my spirit is overwhelmed by the greatness of your love.

The Lord is my shepherd and as surely as the Lord leads me,
goodness and mercy and love will be mine today, tomorrow and all the days of my life.

And beyond the days of my life, I shall still be God’s.
Forever and forever, I will be God’ child.

And he will be my protector and my friend — forever.



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