Some of my friends know I have kept a notation in my journal over almost 50 years of times I believe Jesus has visited me.  Yea, there…I said it.  Jesus visited me.

Those notations, sprinkled probably some 25 times over those 50 years, were what I call ‘that was you wasn’t it’ entries in the journals.  In each one I recount how someone has influenced my life, or made me stop in my tracks or simply looked at me when I knew it was Jesus.  I just knew it.

Each time he arrived at an important or meaningful time for me. Sometimes he would be a homeless person during a time in my life when I was feeling pretty good about myself…

Maybe he was the woman who I saw tend to a stranger on the streets of New York because the person was in distress emotionally and was crying uncontrollably.  I watched that woman walk over to her–it was obvious they didn’t know each other–and simply put her arm around her shoulders, rest her head on her shoulders and calm her.   She stopped crying almost immediately.  And the good Samaritan just walked away.  Soon the distraught woman did too.  Jesus was the one crying uncontrollably…

That was Jesus.  I knew it.

This past Thursday-Maundy Thursday-14 of us gathered around a makeshift table in the sanctuary of the church and broke break together, talked about the Last Supper and even washed each other’s hands to symbolize Jesus washing the disciples feet.  And we talked about the great mandate memorialized in that service from Jesus, ‘love one another as I have loved you.’

Then Jesus walked through the door in the disguise of a man who was making his way to Gettysburg and was about to run out of gas.  Stepping into the narthex , (‘so I don’t have to explain my situation to the whole congregation’) he told me he needed just ‘say maybe $15?’ to get home.  Of course we shared the money he needed and gave him a plate of food to take with him as well.  Then I returned to my seat at the table.

We all, without saying a word, knew we had fed Jesus.

When does Jesus come into your life?  Do you recognize him when he does?  Are you intentional about looking for him in, for example, what Mother Teresa called “the distressing disguise of the poor?”

He’s there.  Oh, yes, my friends, he is there.  And when he appears to you remember what he said– ‘love one another as I have loved you.’

That was you wasn’t it?…

Peace and all good,


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