Join us in church this Thursday at 7pm for a unique Maundy Thursday service where we will sit around a table in church to re-enact the Last Supper.  We ask that those attending bring a SMALL dish of something to share.

Not a Eucharist or a Seder, this new service will give us all an opportunity experience what we know Jesus and the disciples experienced in the breaking of bread and sharing the cup.  We will also offer people an opportunity to wash another person’s hands at the table before the meal (this is optional) to simulate Jesus’ washing of the disciples feet.

Then after the service and discussion we will strip the altar and return the church to its normal look to prepare for Good Friday.  We will do this part of the program in silence and depart the church in silence.

On Good Friday the church will be open from noon to 3pm for silent prayer and reflection.  Every hour on the hour we will read the Passion Narrative.

Then at 6pm we will join with other churches in downtown Leesburg for a Stations of the Cross walk around Leesburg.  We will assemble at the Presbyterian Church at 6pm, then proceed on a one mile walk to various other churches and cemeteries in the town.  Christ Church will be responsible for the Sixth Station of the walk at the Town Hall green at approximately 7:15pm.  (Those that do not want to walk the full mile path can wait at Kurt’s House, 13 Liberty St. Nw, and then walk over to the town green in time for our presentation.)  The Vigil culminates at the United Methodist church down the street from the Town Hall.

Join us for some or all of these important Holy Week services.

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