At the Annual Meeting of the parish on Sunday the following were elected to Vestry for 2019:

Susan Lee–senior warden

Natalie Metzler-junior warden

Paul Muench, Nancy Sutton, Richard Weaver, Susan Pullin, Pattie Palmer, Brett Wiseman–members

Welcome new Vestry!

Also Treasurer Paul Muench told us we had a ‘roller coaster’ year because of some big unexpected expenditures but that even with these we ended the year well in the black with pledges up $5000 and the plate up substantially in 2018.  The budget submitted to the diocese will be adjusted and posted on the bulletin board in the back of the church soon.


Minutes of the CCL Annual Meeting
January 27, 2019

Meeting opened by Brett Wiseman who asked congregation for approval of the Clerk of the Meeting – Susan Pullin. Approved

Brett then gave thanks to Kurt Aschermann for guiding us for almost a year as Lay Leader and presented him with a plaque.

Brett announced he was stepping down as Senior Warden. Brett asked Kurt to stay one more year as we figure out the future leadership of the church. He also noted that the decision to make the church a historical property was almost completed.

The Parish house had a flooded basement and a rotten beam and that is being resolved. Other repairs will be needed.

Titus House has a septic issue and we will need funds for the house to be in the new budget and plan.

Election of the Vestry:

Susan Lee, Richard weaver, Susan Pullin, Nancy Sutton, Natalie Metzler, Pattie Palmer, Brett Wiseman, Paul Meunch (Treasurer) – all expressed interest.
Voted – Approved.

Elect of Sr. and Jr. Wardens: Susan Lee, Sr. Warden and Natalie Metzler, Jr. Warden.
Voted – Approved.

Brett turned the meeting over to Susan Lee. Susan thanked Brett for his service and presented him with a gift.

Election of delegate to Diocesan Convention – Kurt Aschermann, LPL
Voted and approved.

Review of Financial status of the Parish – Paul Meunch, Treasurer

• Started the year in 2018 with $24,500
• All targeted or reserved funds
• We keep $6000 operating reserve
• We had a flooded basement with 5’ water and had to cover repairs although insurance paid for it.
• We paid $7,000 for the Historical Register work to protect the church which is threatened by the Route 15 widening plan.
• $12,000 work on the rental property
• Ended the year $32,000 in the bank
• $5,000 is not targeted
• 2019 pledges are $5,000 higher than 2018
• When we create the new budget need to include septic system and maybe increase donations to outreach
• Mission outreach at CCL is greater than 20%. Some to the diocese the rest to local, national and international charities.
• $88,000 budget for this year

Kurt Aschermann gave his thoughts on the last year.
• Kurt first thanked Brett and the Vestry as well as the entire parish for support this year
• He indicated for a small parish we are very financially stable which is not the norm for a parish our size.
• Gave more than 20% away
• We have a new Building Committee: Natalie Metzler, Susan Lee, Mark Thomas, Daniel Dennison which is looking at short term (parking) and long term issues (new sacristy?)
• A plaque will be unveiled on the 150 anniversary of the church denoting the historical significance of the church. Paid for by a donation from Daniel Dennison
• We have added 14 people to church since April.
• In 2019 we should all bring one family in to Christ Church
• We average 32 people a week – our goal is 50
• March 31, 2019 Kurt’s time is up, but the Bishop can extend for another year. He said he would inquire with the Bishop about this during the coming week.

There being no other business the meeting was closed by Kurt leading us in prayer.

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