The Order of Holy Cross is a Benedictine Episcopal Community well over 100 years old in West Park, New York. Their primary service is to offer retreats for guests in their beautiful Retreat House which faces the Hudson River. Holy Cross has about 14 monks in residence that chant the Divine Office and offer the Eucharist, every day of the year.

Christ Church is offering members of the parish a retreat at the monastery from May 28-30. The fee for this retreat is $200 which covers a single room and all meals in the monastery refectory. All meals are taken with the monks and the monastery has a gourmet chef hired from the nearby Culinary Institute.

During the retreat Kurt (who has been an Associate of the Order of Holy Cross for almost 40 years) will lead two conferences on Benedictine spirituality and its applicability to everyday life for all Christians.
During one of the conferences  a monk of the monastery will answer questions about monastic life.

Each room at the monastery has a single bed, dresser, desk and chair. All bathrooms are shared and have recently been remodeled to provide individual privacy at all times. The monastery has also just completed a renovation as a result of a successful Capital Campaign. You can see information about the monastery at and for the Capital Campaign at where there is also a video about the monastery.

The monastery is a five-hour drive from Lucketts and we will carpool there. We will leave the church parking lot early on the morning of the 28th and leave the monastery after lunch on the 30th.

Right now, Christ Church has reserved nine rooms for this retreat. Should demand be higher we will secure more. However, we are responsible for the rooms we reserve. That means if you sign up please do so knowing we will have to cover your cost should you back out at any time.

See Kurt for more information

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