Morning Prayer with Prayer Shawl ministry resumes Wednesday January 9th;  Morning Prayer 10am in the church, prayer shawl to follow in Church House.

Morning Prayer with Bible Study resumes Wednesday January 16th–10am

Confirmation and Reception:   We will begin preparation for confirmation (for teens and adults) and reception (for adults confirmed in other denominations who wish to now be confirmed in the Episcopal Church) in February.  The Confirmation service with the Bishop will be May 19th at St. James’.  If you are interested in either of these rites please see Kurt.

The Annual Meeting of the parish will take place immediately after service on Sunday January 27th.  Those interested in serving on vestry or as our delegate to the annual diocesan convention should make their interest known to either Brett Wiseman or Susan Lee.

Book Club meets in Church House Thursday January 24th at 6pm.  We are reading Pope Joan a fabulous novel about a woman who allegedly actually served as Pope for two years in the 9th century.  It’s a great read!


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