SPECIAL NOTE:  Please remember we are able to budget for the church based on our pledges.  Pease prayerfully consider what you and your family can do to support our beloved  historic Christ Church and return your pledge card as soon as you can.   (If you need another pledge card they are in the back of the church or call the church to have one sent to your home).

One blessing we have at Christ Church is that our entire congregation is very generous.  Each year, coupled with a careful use of our resources, pledges and gifts keep us financially stable so we have what we need to maintain a strong faith community.

As we approach the new year, however, we know we are going to need to maintain strong giving in order to prepare to call a priest sometime next year.  Increased giving comes from primarily two sources:  new people and increased pledges and gifts by our current members.

We are pleased we have added new families and individuals to our rolls these past six months.  We have also seen old friends return to church thus adding to our numbers on Sunday morning, which, of course, adds to our financial resources.

Our hope is that each person and/or family that is part of Christ Church will prayerfully consider their giving to the church so that they may support the many ministries we have going on all year.

Thank you to all who make Christ Church the vibrant, spiritual community that it is.

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